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Even Though I Can't Pronounce His Last Name...

...I still agree with the point Jack Bogaczyk makes in his latest article. Or he agrees with me. Either way, we are simpatico in thought.

Let's see if we have this right:

A BCS conference program, one that has ranked in the top 15 nationally for three years running, one that sells out every game and brings in about $23-25 million in revenue annually, has or has had leading candidates named Butch, Jimbo and Doc - who combined have one year of major college head coaching experience?

No one has interviewed the interim head coach. I'm not sure the search party knows who is interviewing whom at this point. What's next? A consultant to tell the searchers that they should be able to land better candidates?

Now, keep one thing in mind. I am calm. I am not going to launch into some far-fetched rant on firing our entire athletic staff or moving the campus to Charleston. So, please, don't tell me to relax.

All I am saying is that this search has aimed amazingly low. Rodriguez, even though he is now a hated man, worked awfully hard to get this program into the upper echelons of college football. He leaves and it's like we've ignored everything that happened in the past 7 years.

Thank goodness the search has slowed down. Turmoil or not, we have a stacked roster of players. Give the other coaches in the country a chance to coach their bowl game and eventually, some of them might want to leave for 1) an immediate chance at a national championship; and 2) a lot more money than they're making now.

That's a good job. Just allow more people to want it. Finally, it looks like we're doing that.

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