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Fire Ed Pastilong!

As we hinted to last night, this was certainly not a case of Jimbo Fisher simply wanting to stay at Florida State. He was signed, sealed, and essentially delivered to WVU by those negotiating on our behalf. It was not until Ed Pastilong and Mike Parsons entered that things went awry.

Here is what happened:

  1. Governor Manchin and Fisher negotiate for several days. Florida State, obviously, raises their end, eventually settling on $1.4 million per year.

  2. Machin informs Fisher that WVU can offer $1.5 million per year as well as pay the $2.5 million buyout. Fisher, without signing, agrees to this offer.

  3. Enter Pastilong -- grab your sick bag.

  4. Pastilong informs Fisher that the deal is not as Machin described. He now has the choice between $1 million per year and the buyout payed in full OR the same $1.5 million per year with none of the buyout paid.

  5. Fisher says that's now what the Governor told him and says no.

  6. Pastilong raises the offer to $1.1 million and the buyout paid.

  7. Fisher says no.

  8. Pastilong again raises the offer, this time to $1.2 million and the buyout paid.

  9. Fisher, now mad as hell, walks away from the table and announces he's staying at Florida State.

This was bungled from the second Pastilong entered negotiations, though probably not unintentionally. Pastilong and Mike Parsons are attempting to regain power in athletic department. With the hiring of Huggins and rise of Rodriguez (especially after the Alabama fiasco), power had shifted from the AD's office to the coaches. By low-balling Rodriguez, Pastilong/Parsons took their first step in restoring their own power. By doing the same to Fisher, clearly the strongest candidate, Pastilong/Parsons nearly assured themselves of a lesser, more manageable coach.

Pastilong/Parsons are sabotaging this coaching search for their own personal gain. This has to stop. Instead of focusing our hatred towards Rodriguez, something that will now get us nowhere, let's at least divert our attention to something we can change: the saving of our athletic department.

It bas become clear that Ed Pastilong (and Mike Parsons) must be fired.

Note: My source is a high-ranking official in the athletic department. He would have complete knowledge of the negotiations that occured over the past few days. To protect his anonymity, that's as far as I'm willing to go. You can be sure, however, that this is rock solid.