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The List = Jimbo Fisher

(***Latest Update: 4:30 PM***)

Our list of candidates has been trimmed to just one name: Jimbo Fisher.

Fisher, today, was to meet with Bobby Bowden and inform him of his decision to leave Florida State. Of course, according to my sources, saying "no" to Bobby Bowden is easier said than done. Florida State's hope of keeping Fisher rests on Bowden talking him out of leaving. If that does not happen, look for word to leak later today that Fisher is the next head coach at West Virginia.

UPDATE #1: If Fisher were to ultimately stay at FSU, the backup plan no longer includes Doc Holliday. Reaction to Holliday's hiring was so negative among boosters at all levels that he has been essentially eliminated from contention. After Fisher, the clear #2 is Terry Bowden. That fact makes the sit-down between Fisher and Bobby Bowden that much more interesting.

UPDATE #2: The Palm Beach Post is reporting that Jimbo Fisher has officially been offered the job at West Virginia.


Stay tuned...