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Holding Pattern

That's the only way I can describe what is currently going on.

We can confirm that an offer has been made. Now, it is up to Jimbo Fisher and his family to make a decision whether to leave FSU and accept the West Virginia job.

My sources are still confident that an announcement will be made tonight and a press conference held tomorrow. Of course, that ultimately depends on if Fisher accepts the job or not. But those same sources, seeing as how they believe a press conference will be held tomorrow, are confident he will accept.

IF an announcement is not made, the holding pattern could continue indefinitely. Between Christmas, the team leaving for Phoenix, New Year's Day, and the Fiesta Bowl, if a decision is not made today we may see this stretch for at least another week, possibly more.

So, in the meantime, my advice to you is this: sit tight, stay tuned to WBGV, and relax.