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On Location: South Cackalacky

I am just a few hours away from boarding a plane to South Carolina. Because of that, I have a week of fun, sun, and golf to look forward to. I know you don't care, but I wanted to 1) rub it in; and 2) let you know that, if any news breaks before 5 today, why there are no updates. So, while I want a new coach to be named, I'm hoping it's not in the next few hours.

PS: By the way, that's South Carolina for the uninformed.

UPDATE: Well, it seems I am the victim of more than one holding pattern today. Both a blanket of fog and a late push for Terry Bowden have delayed my life so far Thursday.

While 5th Year Senior is definitively on Bowden's side -- mostly because of his style of dress -- I find this latest push mostly annoying and very Arkansas-esque. Regardless of what I think of Ed Pastilong, he does have a pretty sterling record of hiring good coaches across the board (ignoring Dakich). Instead of allowing the boosters and fans to pick the coach, let the man choose what he believes to be the best candidate. Let him choose Doc Holliday.