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He Wears A Tie!


If we want to take our program to the next level we need to find three things in our next head coach. They are not easy to find but we don't have to travel too far from home to find them.

First, we need a guy that has some head coaching experience. It can be at the D-I or D-II level but he has to have done this before. Coaching at a big time program is a plus.

Second, we need a guy that has connections or can easily establish them in the hotbeds of high school football. This means being able to assemble an all-star cast of assistants that can recruit anywhere in the US not just Florida.

Finally, we need someone who looks sharp on the sidelines and not one that resembles Scut Farkus from A Christmas Story. No I'm not fruity but having a good looking fella as your head coach really helps. It is an added plus if he wears a tie. If we do hire a coach that wears a tie, I will wear one to the games.

There is only one person that possesses those three things. TERRY BOWDEN is the man for the job and he wears a tie on the sidelines.

Alright, I geared those three categories towards my favorite. Terry Bowden is the coach I want to see strolling the sidelines at Mountaineer Field next season. He is a proven winner in the toughest conference in the country. Bowden has a name that still holds some weight in college football and from his comments today on Sirius it appears those who don't know his name will know his assistants. HE WEARS A TIE!