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We Have A Basketball Team

Before the season even started I decided to have no expectations for this team. With no expectations I could only be happy with CBH's inaugural season at his alma mater. However, after Mountaineer Snoozefest I thought this team would be lucky to finish above .500.

Then we started scoring points and even rebounding and I realized that I may have been wrong about the caliber of this team. They are better than I thought, but are nowhere near as good as they need to be in order to compete in the Big East. The first 5 Big East games should be a barometer for the remainder of the season and we will be lucky to win one of those, St. John's.

After five straight losses our home game against St. John's will show whether this team can overcome adversity and get a W.

This is how I see the rest of the season playing out
at Radford - W
at Canisius - W
Oklahoma - L (I'll be in the hizzy)

The rough stuff begins here and we will be lucky to win half our games from here on out.
at Notre Dame - L
Marquette - L
at Louisville - L
Syracuse - L
St. John's - W

If we don't win these two games we will finish below .500 for the year.
at USF - W
marshall - W

Now things go downhill...
Georgetown - L
Cincinnati - W
at Providence - L
at Pitt - L
Rutgers - W

Seton Hall - L
at Villanova - L
Providence - W
at Depaul - L
at Connecticut - L
Pitt - W (but only because Charley is going to dress up like a gorilla again and scare the Pitt team as they are walking down the tunnel)
at St. John's - W

These guys have toughened up since Pusslein's regime but they aren't there just yet. I hope I'm wrong but I think we will barely finish above .500. Give it time because CBH will lead WVU to the Final Four in 4 years.

WVU needs to hire a football coach before the Fiesta Bowl and please don't let it be Bud Foster. I would love to see Terry Bowden but if Saban comes calling you have to listen. Stay tuned for the latest reports on WVU's coaching situation.