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Nick Saban's Agent Contacts WVU

Sources close to University President Mike Garrison have informed WBGV that Nick Saban's agent has contacted WVU regarding our vacant head-coaching position.

These sources tell us that Saban is extremely unhappy in Tuscaloosa and has failed to recapture the situation he had in Baton Rouge with LSU. The purpose of the agent's call was to express initial interest in the position and to have WVU athletics put together a compensation package enough to lure Saban from Alabama. This package would not need to be as much as Saban is currently making at Alabama, but enough to not result in a 50% paycut. So, we're obviously talking more than the $1.9 million former coach Rich Rodriguez was making.

Again, this is all very preliminary, but solid sources have confirmed that Nick Saban's agent has contacted West Virginia University.

*** UPDATE #1 *** This report has been confirmed by the staff at Unfortunately, it is posted on their premium board so that confirmation can not be reprinted here. Still, it has been confirmed.

*** UPDATE #2 *** Well, it's not a stone-cold confirmation, but our friend Mike Casazza can't verify that the story isn't true. Pardon the double negative, but it looks like this baby certainly has legs.

Stay tuned.