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Let The Speculation Begin

I am on the Bud Foster bandwagon. Actually, I'm on a lot of people's bandwagons, Bud Foster's being one of said wagons. So, obviously, this excerpt interests me greatly:
Foster's agent, Bob Lattinville, presented an interesting possibility Saturday.

Lattinville said that while Michigan isn't interested, things could "get interesting" if West Virginia head coach Rich Rodriguez left to fill the Wolverines' opening.

"West Virginia is a program Bud is very familiar with," Lattinville said. "If Rodriguez left, I think they might be interested in him, and I'm sure Bud would have some interest."

So Foster is staying put. For now.
He is certainly worth pursuing, at least to gauge interest. He has captained consistently outstanding defenses at West Virginia. He was also at Tech during the careers of Michael and Marcus Vick, so you know he has some experience with opening up an offense for a mobile QB. He might be the guy to get WVU back to a dominating defense with the offensive chops to keep us at the top.

[Roanoke Times -- HT: zub]