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Maybe NOW We'll Start Throwing

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By now, most every WVU fan has heard of the commitment of burner WR D.J. Woods from Strongville, OH. The kid may only be 6'0", but when you run a 4.35 40 and have great hands, people turn their heads. Color me excited.

What has me more intrigued, however, is what Rodriguez said to him on his most recent recruiting visit:

"Coach Rodriguez told me that in the Pitt game they couldn't throw the ball like they wanted to," he said. "They had 1-on-1 coverage on the boundary side, but nobody on that side could beat their man. They said with my speed they felt comfortable I could make a big play. I told them if I came there, I'd make a difference. Now I'm there and I'm ready to make an impact."

Obviously we couldn't throw. And I would say just about anything to get a big-time WR commitment. But it does give a little insight on how far our passing game is from being decent. Our WRs can't even beat 1-on-1 coverage? Pathetic.

[Mike Casazza @ Daily Mail]