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Maybe NOW We'll Start Throwing

By now, most every WVU fan has heard of the commitment of burner WR D.J. Woods from Strongville, OH. The kid may only be 6'0", but when you run a 4.35 40 and have great hands, people turn their heads. Color me excited.

What has me more intrigued, however, is what Rodriguez said to him on his most recent recruiting visit:

"Coach Rodriguez told me that in the Pitt game they couldn't throw the ball like they wanted to," he said. "They had 1-on-1 coverage on the boundary side, but nobody on that side could beat their man. They said with my speed they felt comfortable I could make a big play. I told them if I came there, I'd make a difference. Now I'm there and I'm ready to make an impact."

Obviously we couldn't throw. And I would say just about anything to get a big-time WR commitment. But it does give a little insight on how far our passing game is from being decent. Our WRs can't even beat 1-on-1 coverage? Pathetic.

[Mike Casazza @ Daily Mail]