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Crimson And Cream: The Conversation (Part I)

Personally, Crimson and Cream sound like bad stripper names, but actually, they're the official colors of the Oklahoma Sooners. This past week, I have been exchanging questions with ccmachine of the OU blog Crimson and Cream Machine. Unfortunately, a major ice storm has slowed down ccmachine, and since ice storms aren't even remotely funny, we'll just move right into the first question.

Charley West:

Honestly, how do Oklahoma fans feel about playing West Virginia?


Part of the curse of being an Oklahoma football fan is our arrogance. While most of us, at least the sane ones, will give Pat White and Steve Slaton for being the playmakers that they are we’ll also tell you that we don’t have a very high opinion of the Big East Conference.

Now, that said let’s talk about the facts and they are simply this. If you take away two games where OU and West Virginia lost their starting quarterbacks and we’re talking about the Sooners and Mountaineers playing for the BCS championship and not in the Fiesta Bowl. That says a lot about these two teams and looking at the BCS bowl breakdown I believe that we’re talking about the best match up in the entire Bowl Championship Series.

After taking a look at West Virginia’s offense it appears that they are very one dimensional and geared towards the run. That gives OU fans confidence because the Sooner defense is geared towards stopping the run and it appears that if you stop the Mountaineers offense on the ground then you stop them, period.

As for the game itself Oklahoma fans couldn’t be more ecstatic, another year in another BCS bowl and this time against a respectable team that won a BCS conference. OU has gone from a no win situation in last year’s Fiesta Bowl to a very winnable situation this year. Had the Sooners beaten Boise State then people would have said that it was no big deal because the Broncos hailed from the WAC. On the other hand, OU losing to Boise State became the story of the year.

Now the Sooners have a chance at redemption with the opportunity to beat the champions from the Big East and possibly finish as high as #2 in the final AP poll.

Here’s my question. How much confidence do you have in West Virginia’s passing attack?
Charley West:

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