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As Honest As I Can Be (PS: It's Not Pretty)

In my conversation with Crimson and Cream Machine, I was asked about my individual faith in WVU's passing game. While my answer is posted at their site, I felt it best to go ahead and display it here. It is as honest as I can be about our inability to consistently pass the football. If you have a dissent, or have any comments at all, leave them below.

Again, the question was, "How much confidence do you have in the West Virginia passing attack?"

None. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Some other synonym for not at all confident.

We have no passing game. We can occasionally pass the ball, but we have no passing game. The majority of any passing yards we accrue are from bubble screens and swing passes. Basically, an extension of the running game.

This is something that bothers me about Mountaineer football. To truly succeed on a consistent level, West Virginia needs to establish a balanced attack. That certainly hasn't happened this year. In our losses, and even in the games where we haven't played well, the opposing team has slowed our running attack. Each time that has happened, we continued to run the ball, just as if it were going gangbusters. No adjustments from Coach Rich Rodriguez (CRR).

There are two theories for this occurance, neither of which are very palatable: 1) he can't make in-game adjustments; or 2) he has no faith in our passing attack. The first makes CRR look incompetent. The second makes Pat White, Jarrett Brown, and our receivers look incompetent. Neither are very palatable.

Personally, I believe it to be the latter. It pains me to say that our Heisman-candidate, Big East Offensive Player of the Year can't make our passing game work, but it seems he can't. Whether that is a condemnation of White or our receivers or both, I don't know. But something isn't working.