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Fire Dave Wannstedt, Or Not...

I'm not wrong. I swear.For the past few months, I have been championing the effort to "Save Dave" Wannstedt. It stood to reason that as long as Wannstedt continued to coach Pitt, WVU would continue to beat Pitt. Well, that obviously wasn't 100% true. I apologize for that. But as I said above, I'm not wrong.

Pitt fans are beside themselves today, and why shouldn't they be. Their decrepit team just knocked off their biggest rival and the #2 team in the country. This just hours after retread AD Steve Pederson extended the contract of retread head coach Dave Wannstedt. But Wannstedt is not the savior. 3 consecutive years without a winning record proves exactly that. This from a coach that inherited a BCS bowl team from Walt Harris.

Dave Wannstedt, regardless of what happened last night, will fall on his face yet again. And when that happens, WBGV will be there, camera in hand. The 2008 schedule is ripe with opportunities for utter failure. Will it be at Notre Dame? Maybe home to Iowa? Even more embarrassing, maybe at Navy or home to Bowling Green and Buffalo. All games that Pitt could lose. And if they're losable, Wannstedt will find a way.

Saturday night was a fluke. Maybe not for how badly Rodriguez coached but for how well Wannstedt coached. Dave's 15 minutes are up. 2008 will prove me right.


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