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It's Official: WVU Football 1-0 In 2008

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More than 9 months before any game will be played in 2008, WVU has been guaranteed at least one victory for next season. How, you ask, can a team win a game it hasn't even played? Good question. Here's your answer: Syracuse retains Greg Robinson as head coach.

Robinson, a coaching God (in his own mind), will try to rebuild a once proud Syracuse program that he himself destroyed. It won't be easy, either, as Robinson has spent three diligent years installing a system that doesn't seem to work and denying that anything was ever wrong. Now, someone will need to clean up Greg's mess. Athletic Director DOCTOR Daryl Gross believes Greg is the right man for that job:

"I have evaluated our football program now that the 2007 season has concluded and want to make clear that Greg Robinson remains Syracuse University's head football coach," Gross wrote in an e-mail. "Nevertheless, I have set a bar of significant expectations for all of our programs, and like our players, fans, and supporters, I was very disappointed with the outcome of this season, along with our overall record the past three years."

Robinson, who said he had extensive discussions with Gross about the future of the program, hinted there could be changes on his staff "to maximize the substantial talent we have on our roster to achieve success."

Robinson's teams have gone 1-10, 4-8, and 2-10, and been outscored by 514 points in the 28 losses.

Hardly an ideal situation. But Greg Robinson enters, head still high, ready to right the ship that he wronged.

"I had substantial expectations coming into this season, expectations that were not met," Robinson said. "As head coach, I take full responsibility for that, as I should.

"I share the community's desire for a winning program, and there is no one that wants to win more than I do," Robinson said. "I have won before and I expect to win again. I know we have the talent, heart and commitment to bring Syracuse football back, and I plan to make that happen."

I am curious, however, just where Greg Robinson has won. Is he talking about the cumulative 6 wins he has at Syracuse in three years at the school? Is he talking about the other 0 wins he has as a head coach at other schools? I'm confused. Though, who am I to question the great Greg Robinson, who has forgotten more about losing than I will ever know.

Thanks Greg (and Syracuse), we'll take the W.

[credit to Nunes Magician for the DOCTOR reference]