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Preach, Brother, Preach

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Gregg Doyel, despite his name ending with a double G, made a fantastic point about the upcoming Backyard Brawl. He preaches the same gospel that has been contained in nearly every WBGV sermon -- namely, that Dave Wannstedt is good for Mountaineer football (anybody remember Save Dave?). Unfortunately, while it's a good point, if the national media keeps bringing up the awfulness of Wannstedt, well, Pitt might just get the idea to fire him. And we can't have that.

So, read this, digest it, and then forget it ever happened...

That's with one more caveat. That's the thing about this particular college football season: There's always one more caveat. In this case the caveat is that West Virginia gets past neighborhood-nemesis Pittsburgh on Saturday. But then, that's a game West Virginia can't lose for all kinds of reasons. For one thing, halfback Steve Slaton is better than anyone Pittsburgh has, and Slaton is the Mountaineers' fourth best skill player behind quarterback Pat White, receiver Darius Reynaud and fullback Owen Schmitt. For another, there's Dave Wannstedt. Unless he's fired between now and Saturday, he'll coach Pittsburgh. Which means West Virginia can't lose.

[Gregg Doyel @ CBS Sportsline]