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Dandy Don, Pitt Hater

Want to know what Don Nehlen thinks of the direction of the Pitt football program? If you do, be wary. It's not pretty. In fact, I am going to deem this quote PG-13, parental guidance required. Think Marie Osmond...partially-naked:

"I think Pitt has a tough road to hoe. I think when they tore that [Pitt] stadium down, that was a big mistake. It's very hard to create a college atmosphere in a pro stadium. I know one thing: If a high school player comes down here for a football game, and the next week he goes to a Pitt game, I know where he's going to school. They don't have the following we have. ... That makes it tough for Pitt to catch us."

Fantastic. Dandy Don, after all these years, still sticking it to Pitt. I hope that when I am his age, I still hate Pitt with as much passion as I do today. Actually, I hope that aliens have destroyed the city of Pittsburgh, but that's slightly more far-fetched. Even more far-fetched? Pitt winning on Saturday.

[Note: that quote is part of a much larger article by Chuck Finder in yesterday's Post-Gazette; I suggest you check it out.]