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Pitt Fans Are Confident

Usually, before a game, especially a rivalry game as heated as WVU vs. Pitt, you have your typical shit talking. Usually, knowing Pitt fans, it's your same, run-of-the-mill, stopped-being-funny-100-years-ago hillbilly stereotypes. You know, the ones that really make West Virginians cry, because it's the first time we've heard it. They're a one-trick pony and nothing more. If you need an example, check out Panther Rants. I just like to think they can't take time away from their precious mustache grooming, or whatever it is they do for fun up there in Western Pennsylvania.

But over at Pitt Blather, the mood is decidedly more emo. Unfortunately for our boy Chas, he's a few reflective thoughts away from writing a Death Cab For Cutie song:

I’m going to Morgantown.

Yes, Pitt is 4-7 and WVU is 10-1, and the game has opened with Pitt as a 28 to 28.5 underdog.

Yes in WVU’s last game they whupped up on UConn 66-21. A UConn team that humiliated Pitt 34-14.

Yes history isn’t helpful either. Pitt hasn’t beaten West Virginia under Coach Wannstedt, lost by a combined 90-40 in those two contests, last won in Morgantown in 2001 and is 2-5 in Morgantown in the last 7 games.

I have no sane reason to go. I have little hope of actually expecting a win in this game. Most likely it will be cold and potentially wet.
Nonetheless, I’m going.
I almost feel sorry for the guy. Almost. Then I remember the blood war I pledged against Pitt so many years ago...