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Yes, WBGV Is The Most Important Thing Ever

When Coach Rodriguez sat down with his family and his thoughts last season, he had a simple choice: stay at West Virginia or leave to Alabama. This was a terribly tough decision -- one that would not be made on a whim. So how, do you ask, did CRR come to the decision to stay at his alma mater?

Obviously, he consulted a higher power: this blog*.

So a year ago, there was that inevitable West Virginia fork in the road for Rodriguez. He was a bright, ambitious 43-year-old who had done great work at home – at two smaller state schools and then WVU – but now had to choose. Would it be the untold potential of Alabama, or the familiar, if possibly limited, life at home?

"By God," he told his team on Dec. 9, 2006, "I'm staying at West Virginia."

Staying in West "By God" Virginia was never a smarter choice.
Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen. You have WBGV to thank for Rich Rodriguez staying at West Virginia. Remember that forever and always.

* Sure, this blog may not have existed at the time, but we still feel we were influencing CRR just the same. And you should too.

[courtesy of Dan Wetzel at Yahoo]