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Blue Horseshoe Loves WVU

I like to bet on football. I do it every season and have yet to lose my shirt, house, affection from loved ones, etc. Because of this, my mind is always thinking with a point spread perspective. Usually, when it comes to WVU games, I can speculate within a point or two of each spread, before it comes out. Every once in awhile, though, Vegas will completely shock me, just usually not with WVU. Today is a first.

Last night, the UConn @ WVU spread was released. Want to know what it is? You sure? Are you sitting down? Just making sure...

WVU is a 17 point favorite. Yes, that's right, 17

The Big EAST Championship will come down to two teams, both of which are playing for a BCS berth. One of those teams, however, might be a high school team. Good lord, I would expect a 17 point spread against Pitt (note: it will be higher), but I just didn't see it coming against UConn. My guess was somewhere between 10-12. Needless to say, I was wrong.

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