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Maybe If They Could Tackle, This Wouldn't Happen...

In a story that in no way surprises me, Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove is receiving death threats from the Husker faithful.

LINCOLN, Neb. -- University of Nebraska police are looking for a man who left two threatening voicemail messages for Cornhuskers defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove.

According to court documents obtained Wednesday, one expletive-laced message suggested Cosgrove go back "where you came from you ... before I ... kill ya."

Not exactly the most intimidating threat I have ever heard, and I've heard plenty. And where, exactly, did Mr. Cosgrove come from? Well, he played ball at Illinois Benedictine College before transferring to Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Immediately before joining the Nebraska staff, Cosgrove was the defensive coordinator at Wisconsin. Usually, telling someone to go back to the state of Wisconsin or they'll be killed is quite rude, but since it's Nebraska, he might be doing him a favor.

[image courtesy of Corn Nation]

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