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Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe!

Thursday night was one those nights that makes you go hmmm. WVU looked to be rolling to a huge statement on national TV but stumbled down the stretch to barely squeak out a W. I've had to calm down and take a few Percocet since Thursday but I'm still pissed.

The powers that be in the Big East need to rethink their priorities and give the us a Big East home game in October. It was not that cold on Thursday but we are the Beast of the East and deserve a more dispersed Big East home schedule. A look at USF's schedule shows the Big East gave them a break with only one "cold weather" game.


If you are one of the fans that went "BOOOOO" on Thursday, look at the palm of your hand and then smack yourself with it. Even if the play-calling and execution left something to be desired at times, boooing is not the way to inspire an improved performance.


I love the "The Pride," but why the hell are you trying to start the wave when Louisville is driving down the field to tie the game. The wave should be banned at Mountaineer Field, I just punched my desk. Thats all I'm going to say because every time The Pride plays Simple Gifts I get chills.


Everyone, including myself, need to stop freaking out about Steve Slaton and his one fumble. The Louisville defender had the perfect hit and just put his helmet on the ball. He is still averaging 5.3 yards a carry. Give him a break and watch him rush for over 150 yards against Cincy.


I hate the people that left this games early to beat the traffic. Basically two rows in front of us were empty before Patrick White's last run. My dad even yelled, "Have a nice drive you idiots," to one couple that left right after Louisville kicked us the ball for our final drive.

Finally, to the guy a few rows behind me that told me to sit down on a first down play during Louisville's final scoring drive I did say, "Fuck You," in case you couldn't hear.

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