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Oh The Humanity!

Dave Hickman, whether he knows it or not, has cursed Brian Brohm much more than a losing season ever could. How did Dave do this, you ask? By comparing him to Brady Quinn. Yuck.

MORGANTOWN — Here’s the main reason Brian Brohm is going to be playing quarterback for Louisville Thursday night at West Virginia instead of sitting in some NFL team’s meeting room watching film:

Last January he was Brady Quinn.

He goes on to talk about draft stock, but the damage is done. You don't just come back from being compared to Brady Quinn. Even before Quinn existed, quarterbacks were being compared to him. Andre Ware, David Klingler, Akili Smith, etc. All once and future Brady Quinns.

And if you're wondering at home exactly what Brian Brohm's draft status is currently, here's a good idea:

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