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Bring It Back!

In today's Daily Mail, Mike Casazza, asks an intriguing question; Is the WVU fan base changing? The answer is yes and no, but Mr. Casazza is looking at it from the wrong angle. It isn't about the new donor levels or ticket costs, it is about WVU's recent success creating a sense of entitlement in our fans.

The article basically questions all of our fanhood and asks why WVU no longer has that great home-field advantage. Mr. Casazza isn't the only one questioning our fans these days. CRR has also been extremely disappointed with Mountaineer fans because of the lack of noise and their halftime exodus.

With WVU on the verge of three straight 11 win seasons, some fans have become complacent. These complacent fans expect us to win by simply showing up on any given gameday. Some fans call these people "bandwagon fans," students, or the old-fogy donor. I say look in mirror because it is all of our faults.

Don't give me any bullshit about the games are out of hand and we are boring in the second half. Does anyone remember the Louisville game from 2005? The fans gave up on the team because we were behind. The team played their ass off for the greatest game I've ever witnessed at Mountaineer Field. The game isn't over until they play Country Roads.

This team wants and needs the fans support during all four quarters. CRR has challenged all the fans to wear gold and to make as much noise as possible when we are on defense tomorrow night. We need to answer this call just like the team does when they are challenged by CRR.

You always wear a blue jersey to the game? FUCK YOU, wear gold. You don't have any cute gold outfits? FUCK YOU, wear gold. It will be too cold. FUCK YOU, pull a t-shirt over your jacket so you can wear gold. You're just sitting on your couch at home? FUCK YOU, wear gold.

The "Gold Rush" isn't about marketing, it isn't about more money from t-shirt sales, but it is a way to challenge our fans to show their love for the Mountaineers. If we are going to criticize the team and CRR after a bad game we need to hold the rope ourselves. Do your part by showing up in gold and leaving with hoarse voice.

Tomorrow night is our chance to bring back the Mountaineer Field of old. The place that was loud and proud to be rooting on our beloved Mountaineers. "Bandwagon fans" stop your bitching about throwing deep passes and ESPN not respecting us and realize we have to handle our business on the field. Students show up early and leave late (y'all have no problem making noise). Old-fogy donors this isn't church, so stop worrying about people standing up in front of you and just stand-up and cheer when we are on D.

WVU fans, come together tomorrow night and make Mountaineer Field a place to be feared again. A night game at Mountaineer Field is a special time, in a special place with 60,000 of your closest friends.

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