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Brian Brohm Press Conference

What did you just ask me you sniveling reporter? Of course, Brian Brohm wishes he would've gone pro after last season. That is a ridiculous question to ask me, BRIAN BROHM. Brian Brohm passed up being a top 5 draft pick to come back to win the national championship and the Heisman Trophy.

Now because of that idiot, The Krag, I, Brian Brohm, does not have a shot at either of these goals. All Brian Brohm got from returning to this trash heap of a University is a wicked nasty case of the crabs. OOOPS, I probably should've kept that to myself.


What do I, Brian Brohm, think about West Virginia? Brian Brohm, thinks they are a bunch of horse loving idiots, that smell like manurer, and have Napoleon syndrome because they will always be the second best university in the state. Oh no, Brian Brohm has messed up again, those were his thoughts about the Louisville alums.

Brian Brohm asks you all to forget about what he just said. This interview stuff is tough, whew. Brian Brohm now wishes to be referred to as B squared.


B squared will not respond until you refer to him as B squared. No one, no one, FINE this interview is over. WVU is going to kill us, I just hope I get my stats.

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