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Saturday Cheat Sheet

With WVU off this week, it's a perfect day to just lay around and watch college football. To that end, here is a quick cheat sheet on who to root for today:

1. Wisconsin over Ohio State (P.J. Hill needs to play for Wisconsin to have a chance)
2. Florida State over Boston College (Ugh, it's tough to root for Florida State)
3. Alabama over LSU (C'mon this will be easy-root for the West Virginia guy)
4. Arizona State over Oregon (Tough game to call, but Arizona State has the harder remaining schedule between the two, therefore gotta pull for the Sun Devils)
5. Texas A&M over Oklahoma (Note to Coach Fran: Get the ball to that Lane kid. He's good)
6. Nebraska over Kansas (OK, I don't any hope for this game)

Obviously, one team ahead of WVU is going to lose. To make this a nice day, at least one more team needs to lose. Most likely in my opinion? LSU and BC.