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Matt Zemek Might Wan To Check His Math

OK, you're Matt Zemek and you're a writer for CollegeFootballNews. You've been assigned the task of writing an analysis of the WVU-Rutgers game. Sound fun? You betcha. So, Mr. Zemek ended his piece with this:

The calculus of one Saturday showdown need not be more complicated than this: West Virginia-Rutgers was evenly played over the course of 98 percent of its snaps. But on a small handful of occasions, Rutgers drops--countered at the other end by dazzling, get-out-of-trouble runs by Slaton and also WVU
quarterback Pat White--made all the difference in the world. Six or seven snaps--especially two big ones midway through the third quarter--decided a game in which Rutgers played with an admirable amount of guts and grit. One deficient performance from one receiver sank the Scarlet Knights, while a huge play from a star running back enabled the Mountaineers to register their biggest win to date in the 2007 season.

98 Percent? Allow me to clarify- 98% of the game was evenly played. I'm sorry, Matty. I was there. The game was not 98% evenly played.

I can understand your argument that the game was closer than the score would indicate. However, when a team wins by 28 points and none of the scores came on fluke plays, it means one team took a whopping. Im sorry, I can't buy what your selling. Go try and sell it to Rutgers. I'm sure they're looking for a pick me up.

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