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Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe!

In all honesty, there should not be much to be upset about after the dismantling of Rutgers on Saturday. But I’m 5th Year Senior and I get pissed off about not being pissed off. Let the Dew rage begin…

WTAE in Pittsburgh let me ask you something. Who in the hell would want to watch Pitt v. Louisville instead of WVU v. Rutgers? Shit fans would rather watch our game. Because of its decision to show the Pitt game, I had to watch the WVU game without HD.

I feel sorry for those of you without HD cable, it is the best thing since Koozie’s. Once you have HD it is impossible to go back. To me it is like having sex without a condom and then having to go back to wearing those pleasure preventers.

Why in the hell does Stewart Street still get a fucking green light? The road is closed because of construction which means there is no damn traffic. If I have to wait one more time through that damn light I may go to city council and throw a shoe at Ron Justice.

Does Rutgers not believe in proper drainage? There were puddles of water on that damn field, which is just not acceptable.

Please God stop all future announcers from using the nickel/five and dime to describe White and Slaton. It makes my ears bleed and does not do them justice. Call them badass mother fucker (BAMF) and slayer.

Will someone please tell that kid in the Sportsmanship commercial that nobody will take him seriously if his pants are around his neck. Why is this kid trying to be a 90 year old retiree? Kid, you are 12 years old find some baggy pants, sag'em, and make your mom yell at you for walking on the cuffs.

I need to start taking some Bayer Aspirin because my heart is in trouble.
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