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Well, despite Charley's early claims, I do travel to games. (Note: Charley passed on going to this game because his tummy hurt. True story.) This weekend, I went into the eye of the storm. Literally. The whole drive up was nothing but rain, which as you might imagine-sucked.

Then came gameday. Pregame, the only thing nastier than the weather were the Rutgers dance and cheerleading squads. Yikes. The weather cleared up before kickoff, but was still pretty windy. That would not last. The skies opened. Not really sure when, but at that point it got a little primal. Coincidently, that's the point in time that WVU just kicked it into overdrive and left the overmatched Scarlet Knights behind. It was sweet.

Obviously, the whole team played great. However, I want to mention the performance of Pat McAfee. He was great. From solid kickoffs to the big field goal before halftime, Pat was gigantic.

Some thoughts on Rutgers:

I went up to the game in 2005. Same weather as this game. This time, there were alot more Rutgers fans there. That's a positive for the program and the Big East.

On the flip side, the program still has a ways to go. 40,000 seat stadium? Come on. No out of town scores. No stats. A sub par band. Long lines at bathrooms. Fellas, you aren't going 3-8 anymore.

I don't like Rutgers coach Greg Schiano, but respect him. However, it was GREAT to watch him throw off his headphones and start walking out onto the field before Rod made his move. He had his ass kicked enough.

Have fun again down at Houston, Rutgers.

Meanwhile, the good guys are gaining steam. I pity Louisville, Cincy, UConn and Pitt.

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