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Cough, Basketball, Cough

Well, this team certainly doesn't lack confidence, does it? Big EAST basketball media day was held yesterday and WVU, rather expectedly, was picked to finish 10th. But you wouldn't know that from how CBH and the players were talking:

"I think it says that people, just because of our name, don't really take us seriously," junior forward Joe Alexander said. "After Coach Huggins is here for a while, that'll change."

Perhaps the most popular participant in media day as he returns to his alma mater just 10 wins shy of 600 for his career, Huggins hopes his players make the changes themselves.

"I hope we're not 10th," he said. "We want to make a run at being the best team in the league. I think if we can do that, we can make a run in the (NCAA) tournament."

Until they play a game, I'm not sure if anybody outside of CBH and the players know how the system change will affect this team. My guess is that, with the combination of increased strength and conditioning, it will be for the better. But again, who knows. But for now, I might as well take their word for it.

Look forward to Stiles' WVU/Big EAST basketball preview coming in the next two weeks.

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