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Rutgers Football: A Timeline

Rutgers fans, as we all know, are unbearably proud of their recent achievements in football. Unfortunately, at least for us, they completely ignore over 100 years of history in putridity, which I'm pretty sure is a word.

So, as I am always in the mood to shut up a Rutgers fan, I present to you a very simple timeline. It shows Rutgers football, both then and now.

First, then (1994)...

Look at Jon Cryer dancing in that sea of humanity. There were tens of people both in the stands and at the tailgates. The buzz around the stadium was unbelievable. And you couldn't even hear the background music of the "R --- U" cheers. Wow, just wow.

OK, how about we fast forward 13 years to "now"...


...and they've regressed.

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