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Touchdown! Finger Blasting!

Man, that headline has it all. And so do the pictures. Apparently, after UK had scored to go up 7-0 in the first quarter against Florida, the general rules of decorum were suspended briefly at Commonwealth Stadium.

Take it away, lucky Deadspin reader (only kinda NSFW):

Here's the deal. 8:00 mark, 1st quarter, UK up a touchdown. Most people celebrate with high-fives and rocksplosions.

But the couple in front of me...not so much. They celebrate by straight up finger-banging. that's how we roll in the bluegrass.

My girlfriend alerted me first of this hot public action. Then the chick to my left elbowed me pointing with disgust at the table-turning in the pants. (Apparently women can hear other women's belt buckle coming undone.)

Then, basically, me and 32 others in the section watched with shock-and-awe for the next 3 minutes as this M.I.L.F. got her shit on.

Oh. Hell. Yes. I may be a lot of things, but I am most definitely a man that would unabashedly marvel at a girl getting fingered at a football game. I might would absolutely borrow an older gentleman's binoculars just to get a better look. This is the best story of the year, by far.

At the same time, though, it makes me sad. There I was, busy checking things off my "Fucking Awesome Things To Do At A Football Game" list and now I have to add something to the bottom. Oh well, I'm still young.

Ballhype - Touchdown! Finger Blasting!
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