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WVU 38 Mississippi State 13

Alright, just got back from the game and I'm starving, so this is going to be quick.

I love the gold jersey's. The white outline on the numbers really make them pop and look sharp. Even Paris Hilton would say "That's Hot!"

The offense looked good in the first quarter but was absolutely horrendous the remainder of the game. Why do we only throw the ball over the middle in the redzone?

Now I am a believer in this defense. Dykes and Dingle gets after the quarterback, Mundy is a great safety, and Lankster is a solid cover corner.

If you are the guy who fell on his face in front of me today, Thank You! Your face was timeless. But the way your wife looked at you sprawled out on the ground, took a drink of her beer, and then continued walking away will make me laugh randomly for years.
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