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Alright, it is 2:36 Saturday morning and I just want to say how much I love Homecoming Weekend. Old friends roll into Morgantown and buy you booze. Downtown is crowded and completely insane, if you don't see random boobs this weekend then you must be blind.

Old school 'Eers can be seen stumbling down High Street trying to relive the days of yor. Pacman is even back in town makin it rain at Bent Willey's and Envy.

Wake up early, crack open a cold one or unscrew the lid on a mason jar of moonshine, and drink like you are freshman again. When the Alumni Band takes the field stand -- if you can -- and scream like your hair is on fire. Homecoming only comes around once a year, so have the time of your life and hook-up with a slut.

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