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Why Don't We Just Burn The Money?

If you're a Marshall fan -- like I am -- you've had your fingers crossed for an indoor practice facility built with taxpayer money for awhile now. Well, today might be your lucky day:

Plans for an indoor practice facility for Marshall’s athletic program have risen from dormancy.

Marshall University’s Board of Governors has included a $10 million building in its list of capital expenditures projects from 2008 to 2013. The move Tuesday does not signal imminent construction or even approval, but it does resurrect a stronger possibility.
Fantastic. We all know who supports Marshall athletics, right? It's sure not the donors, if they have any outside of Joan C. Edwards. It's the entire state of West Virginia and its taxpayers. And if I know taxpayers, the first thing on their list is a $10 million indoor practice facility for an 0-6 football team.

New roads? Nah. Improved public education? Maybe later. Indoor practice facility? Hooray!
Ballhype - Why Don't We Just Burn The Money?
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