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Save Dave: Contract Extension?

Dave Wannstedt is actually talking about a contract extension:

"I’m going to be here, I have had very good conversations with the chancellor," an upbeat Wannstedt said yesterday.

"We’ve spoken about the direction of the program and what we are trying to accomplish, and he’s been very supportive. We are doing things the right way, but ultimately, we have to start winning some games, and nobody understands that better than I do. I know if we can get a few more good recruiting classes here, we’ll get to where we need to be."

(Always about the future, never about the present...but I digress.)

Not only that, Panther beat writers are actually talking about an extension. And not only are they talking about it, they think it's a good idea. Here is what the Post-Gazette's Ron Cook had to say:

This is going to sound insane, but this is the time Nordenberg should be thinking about an extension for Wannstedt. Not a five- or 10-year deal, but one year. If Nordenberg believes Wannstedt still is his man, he has to do it. That would carry more weight than a vote of confidence. That wouldn’t just help Pitt’s recruiting. It would let Pittsburgh know the Pitt administration is prepared to ride out the storm with Wannstedt.

Yes, it does sound insane. Very, very insane. Bill Callahan received a 3 year contract extension earlier this year and he's most likely getting fired by the end of the season. And Callahan went to the Big 12 Championship game last season. Wannstedt, on the other hand, has not had a winning season and his 2007-model Panthers are in shambles.

Wait, forget I said any of that. Let's please talk contract extension. No seriously. This is the best thing ever. If the "Save Dave" campaign is going to succeed, we're going to have to depend on stupidly decisive leadership and eight balls of coke to keep Wannstedt as coach. Apparently, Pitt has both.

Hell, maybe if he loses more games, they'll give him more than a one year extension. I have no idea what would happen if they were placed on probation. Lifetime contract? Name the field after him? Reward him with 70 virgins in the heavens?

Either way, if news breaks about a contract extension, the Jager bombs are on me.

[courtesy of Pitt Blather]

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