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It Ain't Easy

To pick up on Charley’s point about WVU’s ranking and compare that to some other one loss teams…

Here’s the thing that really bothers me: Yes, WVU lost a close game. However, WVU lost their star quarterback late in the second quarter of that game. Did I mention it was on the road? In a hostile environment? Against a very good team? Well, I just did. Look, the loss still kills me. But it happened.

On the flip side, you have Oklahoma, who is a very good football team, no doubt. Now, I’m not arguing that WVU is better than Oklahoma, but I will argue this: Why does their loss get swept under the rug, while WVU’s hangs there? I know Oklahoma beat a solid Missouri team, but that was at home. Meanwhile, that WVU win over Maryland is looking better and better. (Man I can’t believe I just tried to prop up Maryland) That, of course, was on the road.

You can substitute LSU, Oregon, Cal, Florida and a few more names in place of Oklahoma and you get the same result. Ugh.

Not having a playoff in College Football has never really bothered me, but this year might push me over the edge.

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