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EDSBS < Jon Wilner

Over the past few weeks, I have lambasted Jon Wilner as the most ignorant of AP pollsters. That's still true. But there's a poll out there that makes him look like the Patron Saint of Rankings -- that ballot belongs to Every Day Should Be Saturday (EDSBS).

If you're a fan of EDSBS -- as I generally am -- you know that it is a hyper-successful college football blog with strong Florida Gator roots. Unfortunately, their latest offering for MGoBlog's Blog Poll is an abomination that not even Wilner himself would claim as his own.

Let's get started, shall we:

1. Ohio State

I don't agree, but still, a reasonable pick. So far, so good.
2. Oklahoma
OK, we're off the reservation. How in the world do you place a team that has beaten only a mediocre Texas team (who has not beaten anyone of note themselves) and a Missouri, who plays in the luxuriously easy Big 12 North. Oh yeah, the fucking lost to Colorado. Colorado!
3. South Florida
See above.
4. LSU
5. South Carolina
6. Boston College
7. Kentucky
All legit picks. We should be getting into West Virginia territory now. Stay tuned.
8. Arizona State
9. Kansas
10. Missouri
Not yet.
11. Cal
12. Oregon
13. Texas
14. USC
Wait for it...
15. Florida
Our first two-loss team. Fantastic.
16. Penn State
17. Auburn
18. Cincinnati
19. Texas Tech
Almost there...
20. West Virginia

Hooray. We're a ranked team. And in the top 20. We should be so proud. Or not.

20th? Seriously? A team that started ranked in the top 5-6 and who's only loss came on the road at the #2 team in the land? And we're only ranked 20th? This is just stupid. Just as in the Joseph Smith South Park episode, "dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb".

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