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Disrespecting The "U"

Think South Florida isn't already enjoying their "place" in the national spotlight. Just ask WR Taurus Johnson what he thinks of the current Florida football scene:

"I thought we were already in the Big Three," Johnson said. "I didn’t know Miami was still in there."

Oh snap, bitch. He really put them in their place. Or maybe he didn't.

Remember, he's talking about the Miami Hurricanes, winners of more national championships over the past 30 years than any other program. The same Miami Hurricanes that USF has never defeated in its history. If you think about, it's a pretty close comparison, though: Miami has 5 national championships and USF has had a program for 10 years. Oh wait, nevermind.

In the future, Taurus, maybe keep your mouth shut. One year does not a football program make. Just ask Rutgers.

[Charleston Gazette]

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