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Wannstedt Tears Achilles, Hilarity Ensues

I'm sorry. If you tell me Dave Wannstedt has torn his Achilles tendon, I'm going to laugh. There's no way around that. Call me insensitive, call me a dick -- I can't help it. Anything involving Dave Wannstedt short of him getting hit by a bus is hilarious, and even then I would think long and hard about laughing.

This is just too funny. Absolutely nothing can go right for the Oakland Zoo. Wannstedt will be forced to coach from the booth for at least the next game, maybe longer. Is it just me or does anyone else see right through this?

Think about it: time off, coaching from the booth, unplugging his headset. Surely, Pitt is just trying to get the Mustachioed Marauder as far away from this football team as possible. And who could blame them?
Ballhype - Wannstedt Tears Achilles, Hilarity Ensues