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Rodriguez's Job Is Safe

In the latest update of the Coaches Hot Seat Ranking, we're told that apparently Coach Rodriguez's job is safe...for now. Rodriguez checks in at 106th out of 120 current Div. I-A head coaches (I'll be damned if I ever call it the Football Bowl Subdivision).

Rodriguez trails some memorable names like Jim Tressel (120 out of 120), Steve Spurrier (119/120), Jim Leavitt (115/120) and Mack Brown (107/120). Personally, I believe Mack Brown will always be on a hotter seat than Rich Rodriguez, national championship and all.

Unfortunately for them, we also see some familiar faces towards the top of the list. Greg Robinson is in trouble (17/120), Mark Snyder is screwed (11/120), and Dave Wannstedt is just plain fucked (7/120).

Hey, at least he's not Houston Nutt.

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