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Mississippi State: Bulldogs or Criminals?

One thing we love here at WBGV is an opposing team that is an easy target. Mississippi State is a decent team, but it will be an easy win for the Mountaineers. Also, the people over at Fire Sylvester Croom have provided us with plenty fodder for the upcoming week.

While we had problems early this year with players getting in trouble, it is nothing compared to the debauchery that is taking place in Starkville. During Croom's tenure, 12 of his players have been arrested. That is more arrests than "The U" during its thug heyday.

The arrests range from assault to indecent exposure. I may be the dullest fork in the drawer, but even I know to keep my horse in the barn when I am out in public.

But wait, there's more! Croom's players have also violated NCAA rules by receiving free YOGA lessons. Instead of investigating if this violated NCAA rules, the school should investigate the straightness of its football players.

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