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Down the Stretch They Come

Here is a thought-provoking email I received:

Was bored yesterday watching pro football and rewatched the USF game for some reason. As your (Note: That's me) confidence indicated before the game, we really had no business losing to that team. Very painful to rewatch but for some reason I could not turn it off even knowing the train wreck that was coming. Turnovers and poor game plan the cause. Everytime we ran right at them, we had good to great success yet we only did it 4-6 times. Rod gets very stubborn against these guys for some reason. Same thing last year when he ran Slaton wide to the right seemingly 40 times for no gain. Most telling thing their D coordinator said after the game was that he did not change his game plan one ounce from last year. After the TD drive we gave up on their first drive in the 2nd half, we spent the rest of the half on their side of the field and had 10 points to show for it. I am telling you that ball never crossed our 40 again the rest of the game. That is 25 minutes of time spent on their side of the field and only 10 points.

I know everybody seems to think an 11-1 mark is all but in the books, but we have 4 damn tough games in the next month. This game this weekend will be a lot closer than Vegas is giving it credit for being. I will take 24.5 and Miss St any day. Then we go to Rutgers, play an improving and very dangerous Card team at home and finish up the stretch with maybe our second toughest road game of the season at Cincy. We could easily lose 2 games in that stretch if we do not play very good football.

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