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College Football Makes No Sense

The BCS Rankings are out. And, now officially, college football makes no sense.

1. Ohio State.

Beaten everybody, played nobody. The win at Washington is only an average win. Same with Purdue. Outside of those two, they've dispatched of Youngstown State, Akron, Northwestern, and Minnesota. Really gets your engine revving, doesn't it? We'll learn a lot more as the schedule gets significantly harder, with Michigan State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if the season-closing trip to Ann Arbor is the fly in State's ointment. Prediction: 11-1 ... Rose Bowl.

2. South Florida.

Best resume in all of college football. Very good win over Auburn and great win over the Mountaineers. What looked like a huge trip to Piscataway next weekend has been made a bit easier by way of Rutgers suckiness. USF gets a nice boost by getting both Cincinnati and Louisville in Tampa. Prediction: 12-0 ... BCS National Championship Game.

3. Boston College.

This by far the weakest of BCS Top 5 teams. With their schedule, they are a risk to lose every single week for the rest of the season. Their last 5 games include a trip to Blacksburg, home to Florida State, trips to College Park and Clemson and then home to the Hurricanes. Matt Ryan is a good player, but they're just not this good. Prediction: 10-2.

4. LSU.

LSU looks invincible against Virginia Tech. LSU looks beatable against Florida but escapes. LSU is beatable at Kentucky. If they can get by Auburn next weekend, however, they cruise (Alabama, La. Tech, Ole Miss, and Arkansas) into the SEC Championship Game. Prediction: 12-1 ... BCS National Championship Game.

5. Oklahoma.

LSU has the much tougher schedule, LSU deserves to be ahead of Oklahoma. The biggest test left is most likely trip to Lubbock, Texas. In the end, however, they should run the table and be ready to capitalize on an LSU mistake. Prediction: 12-1 ... Fiesta Bowl.

9. West Virginia.

Can't complain too much with this ranking. Teams like South Carolina, Kentucky, and Arizona State are a good bet to falter and allow us to continue to move up. The mission is simple: win out and go to the Sugar Bowl. I wouldn't mind New Orleans in January. Prediction: 11-1 ... Sugar Bowl.

Full Predictions:

BCS Title Game: LSU vs. South Florida
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Missouri
Sugar Bowl: West Virginia vs. South Carolina
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. USC
Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. Oregon

Who the hells knows, though.

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