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Midnight Madness

Last night, I attended Midnight Madness. To sum it up in one word, I would say it was kinda dull. OK, that's two, but you get the idea.

Some highlights:

  • Huggins getting the microphone and saying, "next year, bring ten of your friends with you. I don't like playing in front of an empty house. Also, he said, "This team is going to play above the rim and on the floor." That got me kinda excited.
  • Joe Alexander going back to half court to get his run and then dunking from the foul line with his foot a bit on the foul line. Also, he did one of those Vince Carter "elbow in the rim" dunk with so much ease, it really wasn't *that* impressive.
  • Will Thomas. I heard the guy can play. He sure can. I'm really excited for this guy.
  • Darris Nicholas. Looked like he bulked up a couple pounds. Plus, the shot looked better. I look for a monster year from him. Dark horse for Big East Player of the Year.
  • Also, Wellington Smith showed me some improvement to his game.

Now, both the men and women start practice today. In fact, they've each probably have already run a ton of laps. Meanwhile, I've laid in bed all this morning.

But, don't worry about me. It's time to put the basketball teams on your radar.

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