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Climpsin Is Silly

The latest rage in the college football coaching carousel comes from tiny, tiny, almost-Anderson Clemson, SC. This rumor has been seen on most (Clemson) message boards, but why listen to a upstate hick explain it when we have our own Mitch Vingle:

Apparently, there’s grumbling in Tiger Land. There are whispers this could be Bowden’s last season unless a major turnaround takes place. (Understand that Clemson isn’t winless or close to winless. The Tigers are 4-2 overall, 2-2 in the ACC. But Virginia Tech just beat Clemson 41-23.)

Anyway, the rumor was that WVU’s Rich Rodriguez had a one-team escape clause in his contract. And that one team was Clemson.

OK, I beg you to stop laughing just to hear the explanation.

The sound you’re about to hear is that rumor being squashed.

"That’s not true," said WVU associate athletic director Mike Parsons. "There are no escape teams in the contract, Clemson or anyone else.

That's better. In what world, real or make-believe, would anyone think that CRR would jump from WVU to Clemson, which makes rural Kansas look cosmopolitan. When the major selling point is a Huddle House, you might be in trouble.

My guess? Bowden wins 1 or 2 games he shouldn't and keeps his job. After all, he does the same thing every year.

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