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Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe!

Anger is something that comes and goes quickly, unless you’re George W. Bush and are still pissed that Iraq tried to kill your daddy (Editor's Note: WBGV does not support any political cause or party, save for the Whig Party). For me, a WVU victory can ease the rage that has built up over a long week of people cutting me off in traffic and kicking me out of Golden Corral. I figured out "all-you-can-eat" does not allow you to sleep at your table between feedings.

However, the people are clamoring for it so here is your weekly installment of things that made me want to throw my shoe.


The refs during Saturday’s game were either drunk, which would be alright, or just complete idiots. These idiots reminded me of Perlo Bastien trying to remember to STOP receivers from scoring touchdowns.


USC lost to a 40 point dog, at home, and they are still ahead of us in the USA Today poll. Michigan lost to an Appalachian State team that has won back to back Division I-AA championships and dropped out of the top 25. USC gets beat by Stanford, with a first time starter at QB, and doesn’t drop out of the top 10. That pisses me off more than when my girlfriend broke up with me the day after I passed up sleeping with a HOT blonde catholic girl.


Guess who did not watch the game on Saturday? All I will say is that Stiles watched the mauling of Syracuse at my house.


Finally, I hate watching sporting events that are not in HD. ESPN regional SUCKS

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