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Quick Hitter...

...errr wrong sport. Quick shot...

From an ESPN chat:

Ben Lilly(annapolis,md): Can you give me a quick summary of how Bob Huggins is doing on the recruiting trail?

John Carroll: They already have commited Darrell "Truck" Bryant out of NYC, a high level guard. He was able to break into New York area to get him which is very impressive. He is also involved with a lot of quality basketball players in a very short time. He had the top recruiting class at Kansas St. So no one should be surprised that they are already involved quality players. They are not always going to be involved with the best players, but they will have hard-nosed tough guys, who Huggins know he can win with. Some of the players they are currently involved with include Terrell Pryor, a 6'6 wing player out of PA, who may play football and basketball in college. They are involved with 6'9 C/PF Xavier Gibbson out of Alabama. As well as 6'7 PF Quintrell Thomas out of St. Pats in NJ. They are also involved with the Morris twins, who decommited from Memphis (both are 6'9) and Terrance Jennings. So these are some very good players. And they have been on the trail of underclassmen, and have a commitment from a local point guard in the class of 09 named Noah Tottrill from Polka WV. So they are working hard from the class of 09, and they already have a commitment from a very good in-state guard.

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