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WVU 9th In ESPN BCS Projections

Brad Edwards of has published the Worldwide Leader's BCS Projections ahead of the official release next Sunday. Where is West Virginia?


This is very good news. It tells us a few things. The computers don't hate us. Our strength of schedule is relatively good and should only get better with the match-up with Cincinnati (and I guess Rutgers and UConn). Mississippi State has the chance to be a good game as well. Also, we are high enough that winning out 99.9% guarantees us a BCS berth, no matter if we win the Big EAST or not. This is also good news.

Where are some other teams? LSU is the obvious #1, Cal #2, USF #5, Missouri #6, Oklahoma #12, and USC way down at #13. Being ahead of media darlings Oklahoma and USC should give WVU fans a little excitement. As crazy as this season has gone, the national championship is not completely out of the realm of possibility.

From my perspective, win out and the rest of it will take care of itself.

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