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R.I.P. Southern Kitchen

(Warning, this has nothing to do with Mountaineer sports.)

If anybody has spent any time in Charleston, chances are they have heard of Southern Kitchen. If they've spent any time drunk in Charleston, I know they've heard of Southern Kitchen. At that point, it's about 95% that you made the trip to Kanawha City for a 3 AM breakfast. I myself have many fond memories of a young Charley West eating late night unbeknown to both his parents and the authorities.

Well, if you're one of the fine folk that have visited Southern Kitchen, I have sad news. As has been well-publicized in both Charleston papers, Southern Kitchen is closing as of October 15th. Longtime owner Delsie Mae Hersman passed away a few weeks ago and the business has been inherited by a Texas resident who has no interest in running Southern Kitchen. Truly a sad day.

If you're in or around Charleston, know that this Monday is the last day of operation at Southern Kitchen. If you make the trip -- nay, pilgrimage -- you're bound to see me there Monday.

R.I.P. Southern Kitchen.

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