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What A Top 25 Would Look Like If You Weren't On CrystalMeth

I applaud 5th Year Senior's initial try at a top 25. It was a great effort. It was also completely retarded.

Now, listing your top 25 is just like talking about your fantasy teams: no one cares. But you're still reading, so here we go.

(Comments are welcomed mocked.)

1. LSU -- no shit.
2. Cal -- has the 2nd most impressive resume.
3. Ohio State -- this is where the teams get week. I know teams like USC and Florida are better, but you still have to win games.
4. USF -- the third most impressive resume.
5. Boston College -- if they played in any other league but the SEC ACC, they would be exposed.
6. Oklahoma -- benefit of losing before USC
7. USC -- still probably the 2nd best team in college football.
8. WVU -- toughest game left is @ Cincinnati.
9. Oregon -- Michigan is still a decent win.
10. South Carolina -- they win ugly, but they win...much better team with Smelley at the helm.
11. Missouri -- easily the class of the Big 12 North.
12. Virginia Tech -- need to find an offensive line.
13. Cincinnati -- this is a legit football team...great defense.
14. Illinois -- see Cincinnati.
15. Arizona State -- OK, I am done writing things.
16. Florida
17. Wisconsin
18. Hawaii
19. Kentucky
20. Texas
21. Florida State
22. Kansas
23. Georgia
24. Colorado
25. Virginia

26. UConn (maybe)